Hong Kong has one of the world's safest, most efficient and frequent public transport systems. There are plenty of ways to get around easily and quickly!


From the Airport:

From the airport, you can take a bus to your destination:

You can also take the Airport Express line:

Airport express will allow you to use in town checkin any time on the same day of your flight, which can save you from carrying your bags to the airport. However, this is only supported by certain airlines:

TIP: If you buy your airport express ticket from the information desk rather than ticket machines, it will cost $180 return ticket instead of $200.

TIP2: If you take a taxi (minimum $60) to the airport express and show your receipt to the information counter, you can get half price off for the airport express ticket. Note that you need an octopus card for this. You can also ask the taxi driver to add surcharges to reach the minimum $60.



To get around the city:


Mass Transit Railway (MTR)

The MTR system consists of 9 railway lines serving Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, and connects to the Hong Kong International Airport via its Airport Express. MTR also operates a Light Rail network that serves the local communities of Tuen Mun and Yuen Long in the New Territories.

 Plan your route with MTR App:



Google Play:


Note: There is a special MTR Tourist app that provides information on tourist spots, routes, transport, and various tourist tickets.


Buses in Hong Kong are plentiful and comfortable, and all are air-conditioned. The routes cover almost all of Hong Kong and the final destination, as well as each stop once you are inside, is displayed in English and Chinese on/at the front of each bus. You can also check the routes at the bus stations. Board at the front and exit by the side doors.

Fares are determined by route distance. Amount is displayed on a machine next to the driver, and you pay when getting on bus. Exact change is required if paying by cash as no change will be given. Octopus cards are accepted on buses, except red top mini buses.

Plan your route, with “next bus” information:

KMB Google Play:

KMB itunes:

Citybus Google Play:

Citybus Itunes: 



Trams have been travelling through the northern area of Hong Kong Island since 1904 and continue to be an affordable, inexpensive and fun way to get around. Trams run through major districts of Hong Kong Island such as Wan Chai, Happy Valley, Causeway Bay and North Point.

Each ride costs $2.30 and exact change is required for payment in cash, or else Octopus cards are accepted as well. You need to get on the tram at the back and then pay the exact fare at the front when you’re getting off. You can hack / deploy while traveling as they have many frequent stops and do not travel fast enough to trigger the speed lock (see Tram-gress in UPV section).

More info on tram routes:


Google Play:




Hong Kong operate ferry routes that connect Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  Ferries are also the core transport connecting the Outlying Islands.

Ferries operating from the ferry piers in Central of Hong Kong Island provide services to the main Outlying Islands of Peng Chau, Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Lantau Island, and Discovery Bay. These islands, each with distinctive cultural and historical background, offer fabulous hiking views and ingress UPVs too!

More info on ferry service to Outlying Islands:



Taxis in Hong Kong are classified in three colours, each indicating a geographical area in which they serve:

  • Red: Most districts of Hong Kong except from Tung Chung Road to the whole southern area of Lantau Island

  • Green: New Territories

  • Blue: Lantau Island

In general, taxis can be cost effective especially for groups, and are cheap relative to London, Japan or North America.  There is a small surcharge if you put bags in the trunk. If the journey is through a tunnel or bridge, the toll will be added to the final bill. Paying with cash is expected and do not accept any pre-arranged prices (there have been rare cases of scams).

You can hire a taxi by calling to reserve (a small surcharge is required), using an app or simply just waving your hand when you see one (most common).  Uber is also available in Hong Kong but is generally more expensive than taxis.

Points to note in hiring taxi:


Useful App: Citymapper

Plan your route around the city with Citymapper, available in Hong Kong, it tells you how to get to point A to point B using public transport, including their frequency, estimated time it takes and changes between different transportation/route if required, highly recommended if you plan to travel around:





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