SIM options

A SIM card with 4G data connection enables the best ingress experience! Look at some of our recommendations below.


*Note that these are 4G recommendations:


CSL - Local Prepaid SIM card & Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM card (4G) CSL

  • $48: 3-day pass with 2GB local data
  • $78: 7-day pass with 3GB local data
  • $118: 7-day pass with 5GB local data
  • Unlimited local voice calls
  • Value rechargable via vouchers purchased from convenience stores
  • Available in micro / mini SIM & nano SIM

You can buy this from the airport, CSL shops, 7-11s, and major convenience stores.

More info of the prepaid SIM card:,



China Mobile - 4G/3G Individual Traveler Prepaid SIM Card

  • $68: 5-day pass with 1.5GB 4G/3G local data
  • Hong Kong local airtime/call to Mainland China $0.25/minute
  • Value rechargable via $100 or $180 vouchers purchased from convenience stores, or visit shops of China Mobile to recharge via cash or Octopus Card

You can buy this from the airport, China Mobile shops, and major convenience stores (7-Eleven, Circle-K and Vango).

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SmarTone - Broadband & Voice Stored-Value SIM

  • $48 or $80 stored-value
  • $10/hour for unlimited data usage (max. $30/day till 2359 everyday)
  • Local call: $0.05/min (1200-2059) and $0.12 (2100-1159)
  • Available in SIM, Micro-SIM or nano-SIM

You can get this at all SmarTone stores and over 900 authorised resellers over the city.
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More info:


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